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Maximize Your Earning Potential with Pinnacle Minds

Benefits of A Pinnacle Minds Partnership

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    Competitive Referral Fees

    Pinnacle Minds offers top-of-market referral fees for every successfully qualified client you refer for our services.

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    Integrated Marketing Support

    Turnkey marketing materials, asset templates and ongoing support from your Partner Success Manager are available throughout your relationship with Pinnacle Minds to empower you with the tools to successfully refer your network.

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    No Upfront Investment Required

    Pinnacle Minds does not require an onboarding fee or recurring membership fee to participate as a partner. Simply sign up, begin referring, and earn!

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    A Partner You Can Trust
    At Pinnacle Minds, our team of former IRS Auditors are here to help your referrals reach and exceed their financial goals by navigating the complexities of tax credits and government grants. Put our knowledge to work for you and let Pinnacle Minds do the heavy lifting.

Making Complex Tax Credits Accessible

With nearly two decades of experience, Pinnacle Minds is the premiere company for simplifying the complex process of applying for valuable financial incentives to help your business. We offer a variety of tax credits and financial solutions for small businesses and our knowledgeable team of former IRS Auditors are standing by to help you. Put our knowledge to work for you and let Pinnacle Minds do the heavy lifting so you can focus on your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is the ideal Pinnacle Minds partner?

    If you have a strong network of business owners or a platform that caters to them, you can potentially generate significant revenue for your company by joining our program.

  • What services does Pinnacle Minds offer?

    Pinnacle Minds offers high-integrity services to expand your customer base and establish long-term relationships with the most profitable business owners. We provide access to all current and future tax incentives, including R&D Tax Credits, Employee Retention Credits & Self Employment Tax Credits, Class-Action Settlement Claim Assistance, Merchant Services, and Government Loans & Grants (coming soon!). Additionally, we connect your clients with the most sought-after government grants, government contracts, and merchant services.

  • What are the steps to becoming a Pinnacle Minds partner?

    To get qualified, fill out our intake form to meet with a partnership executive. Once you’re accepted into the program, we’ll provide you with a unique link and marketing materials to launch your campaign. After launch, you’ll get notified of each successful referral while claiming substantial referral fees to maximize your revenue and grow your business.

  • Who is considered a qualified client?

    Who qualifies as a client will depend on the services you offer. In just a few minutes, your clients can choose from a wide range of expert tax, merchant, and government services.

  • How do I share Pinnacle Minds services with my client base?

    After you become a partner, we’ll provide you with a unique link to share with your network. This link will help us track every qualified client you send to us. After we’ve validated a client, we’ll issue payments via our flexible payout options.

  • How does Pinnacle Minds help me capture high-value clients?

    Once onboarded, we’ll provide you with turnkey marketing materials so you can get started with no internal costs to help promote our services across your client base.

  • How are my qualified clients and earnings tracked?

    Pinnacle Minds utilizes Referral Rock, a third-party tracking platform that provides you with a unique identifying code to track the progress of your clients and your potential earnings. Pinnacle Minds is committed to transparency throughout the entire process to ensure your continued success.